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Honoring Physical Therapists During Physical Therapy Month

October 16, 2019

October is National Physical Therapy Month and the perfect time to highlight the expertise and diverse services offered by physical therapists.

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Cold Laser Therapy: Innovative Technology To Relieve Pain

October 10, 2019

Cold laser therapy uses low levels of light to stimulate healing. This low-intensity laser isn’t really cold – the name means that the light levels are not high enough to heat the tissues in your body.

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Help Ease the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease with Physical Therapy

October 1, 2019

Parkinson’s disease is tremendously debilitating. With this disorder, certain nerve cells in the brain gradually break down or die.

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Assessing Nerve Damage Symptoms with Cutting-Edge Technology

September 26, 2019

Nerves are essential to just about everything our bodies do, from controlling our heart rate, temperature and blood pressure, to sending movement information to our muscles and allowing us to feel heat, pain and other sensations.

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Kevin Hart Heading to Physical Therapy After a Serious Auto Accident

September 18, 2019

Physical therapy is extremely effective in treating many neuromusculoskeletal conditions including back and spine injuries. At our practice, therapeutic exercise is the cornerstone of our physical therapy treatments.

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Act Quickly If a Concussion Is Suspected

September 12, 2019

To diagnose a concussion, we will perform a neurological examination for vision, hearing, balance, coordination, reflexes and strength. The examination will include cognitive assessment on several factors such as memory, and concentration.

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Having a Balance Problem? Come In for a Vestibular Study

September 4, 2019

If you or a family member has experienced dizziness or balance problems, we would recommend a vestibular study.

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Common Misconceptions about Physical Therapy

August 27, 2019

Physical therapy plays an important role in improving the vitality and health of patients. Physical therapy, or PT, helps treat disease, injury or deformity by methods like massage, exercise and heat treatment rather than by surgery or drugs. There are, however, many misconceptions about PT and physical therapists. Following are a few of the most […]

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Botox Treatments for Migraine Headaches May Work for You

August 22, 2019

You have probably heard of Botox as an effective cosmetic treatment to smooth away wrinkles. But did you know that Botox can also relieve headaches, especially migraines?

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Using an Ankle Brachial Index Assessment to Diagnose Peripheral Arterial Disease

August 12, 2019

If you have cramping or muscle pain in your legs or arms, you may have peripheral arterial disease, also called PAD. Pain from PAD often is triggered by walking or other activity and then relieved by rest.

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