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Performance Rehabilitation Institute of Sports Medicine (PRISM Physical Therapy) is a comprehensive physical therapy center. PRISM PT specializes in neuromusculoskeletal conditions including spine conditions, sports injuries, pre/post-surgical rehab and auto/work injuries.



Every doctor knows the first step in treating a patient’s condition is learning the patient’s history. Where we excel is in evaluating our patients. Our doctors will examine you thoroughly, not merely for your primary concern. Our pledge is to perform or obtain all necessary objective diagnostic testing to ensure we never have to guess about your condition or what treatment is best for you.


We care about our patients’ outcomes. We accomplish this by recruiting a very skilled, experienced, and caring team. Our team is as diverse in our training as our backgrounds. Not only are you in great hands with our team and our vast training and experience, but you will also feel comfortable with our multi-cultural atmosphere.


We know that drugs and surgery aren’t always the answer. In fact, they are pretty much the last resort for many of our patients. We strive to offer safe and effective conservative (non-surgical, non-narcotic/ non-opioid) treatment solutions for our patients. We are proud to offer some of the most cutting-edge medical treatments available.